Tutorial | Red lips and smokey eyes

red lip duo.jpg

For my husbands’ birthday dinner I wanted to do a look I don’t usually go for – bold lips and smokey eyes. Why does the mere mention of those two things make me squirm a little bit inside?! Well, ever since I burst out into the world I have been incredibly pale, and I’m genetically cursed with my dad’s hooded eyes.

Red lips can look beautiful, but they can also completely over-power pale and fair skin. I think this is particularly the case for girls like myself with pale skin and a fair complexion – light coloured eyes, freckles and blonde to light brown hair. This is because, unlike dark-haired and/or dark-eyed girls, there is nothing dark enough on or around the face to balance out the depth of an opaque red. It has taken a lot of trial and error to find the ‘right’ bold red for my lips, but I believe I have found it in MAC’s Viva Glam I. It is a bold blue-toned red but with enough brown tonnes as to not drain all the colour from my face. And paired with No.7’s lip liner in Fire, which comes in a handy retractable pencil, it’s a match made in red lip heaven!

Have you ever followed a youtube tutorial for an amazing, dramatic eye look only to find once you have finished that all of the drama has all disappeared into the recesses of your eyelids? If the answer it yes, you may have hooded eyes. Having hooded eyes means that you have very little visible eyelid area when the eyes are open. At the same time, you will tend to have quite a large area of skin between your crease (the fold above your eyelid) and the eyebrow, so highlighting this area can make it look even larger. Hooded eyes can be cause by age, as the skin above the eyelid looses elasticity and starts to droop downwards, or, as in my case, it can be hereditary. The aim with this smokey eye look create the illusion of wider, sultry eyes that are drawn upwards.

A little tip is to apply your blush last so that you can judge how much you need to add to warm up your face and balance out the red lip. If you are not very pale, you may not need to apply any blush at all. It’s up to you 🙂

You can watch the tutorial for this makeup look on my Youtube channel:

I’d love to know what you think about this look in the comments below! Would you add, remove or change anything about it? Do you have a favourite bold red lip product?