Tanya Burr Lips + Nails Review with Swatches



When I heard that Tanya Burr was launching her own make up collection, I unashamedly jumped on the bandwagon! Instead of waiting for them to be stocked at Superdrug, I went to feelunique.com and bought four glosses and two nail varnishes. There was a discount at the time so I paid a bit less than the RRP of £5.99 for the nail varnishes and £6.99 for the lip glosses. Feel Unique currently has many Tanya Burr products on sale so head over there if you are interested in making a purchase.

From the nail varnish line I have Penguin Chic and Mini Marshmallows. Penguin Chic is a lovely muted mauve that is similar to my holy grail nail colour by Barry M, Cappuccino. It has a mixture of brown, grey and purple tones which combine to create a truly sophisticated and chic shade. Mini Marshmallows is a baby pink that reminds me of candy floss. It is a cute shade without being overly girly or sickly.

Penguin Chic:

penguin chic

Mini Marshmallows:

Mini Marshmallows


I bought four of the lip glosses: First date, Let’s Travel the World, Exotic Island and Afternoon Tea. First date is a slightly shimmery pale baby pink. Let’s Travel the World is an orangey, coral red. Exotic Island is a bright magenta but can be applied more thinly as a hot pink shade. Afternoon Tea is a your-lips-but-better shade that perfectly toes the line between peach and pink. The last three shades do not contain any shimmer.

lip gloss swatches

First Date:

first date

Let’s Travel The World:

lets travel the world

Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea

Exotic Island, which is edging slightly ahead as my favourite:

exotic island


Several months have passed since I bought the products so I have had ample time to road-test them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the nail varnish I have worn the most is Penguin Chic. Mini Marshmallows is a bit bland and thin in my opinion, so unless I am wearing an outfit that calls for a nude nail shade I tend to forget about it.  Of the lip glosses, my favourite two are Exotic Island and Afternoon Tea. I wear Afternoon Tea the most because it is a more nude shade, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like Exotic Island as it is not the sort of colour that I normally gravitate towards. I usually wear a small amount and it helps to perk up my everyday neutral makeup looks. Let’s Travel The World is also very wearable, but I tend to reserve red lip colours for special occasions. The only lip gloss that I regret buying is First Date, as it is far too pale for me. However, I think it would really flatter a more tanned or warm skin tone.

I have uploaded a detailed review of the shades to my Youtube channel which you can watch below:

Since I go into detail in the video, I’ll give a brief overview of my thoughts here.

Penguin Chic and Mini Marshmallows:
– I love the shade of Penguin Chic
– Mini Marshmallows is a good nudish shade for pale skin
– Long-lasting and relatively chip-free
– Thin, watery formula so requires minimum of 2 coats to be opaque, more like 3
– Mini Marshmallows is translucent so natural nail will still show through
– They both smell strange. The closest thing it reminds me of is mould. It’s a bit off-putting

Afternoon Tea, Exotic Island, Let’s Travel the World and First Date:
– Very hydrating and lip-plumping. The hydrating affect lasts even after the lip gloss has worn off
– Not at all sticky or uncomfortable on the lips
– Sweet, fruity smell and pleasant taste, a bit like strawberries
– The pigmentation is superb
– My hair still sticks to my lips but it’s almost worth it!

I really love the lip glosses, but was less impressed by the nail varnishes. This was unexpected as I normally love nail varnish and do not like lip gloss. I wouldn’t say the lip products have converted me to be a lover of glossy lips. I still love a matte to satin finish, but they are up there with my most loved and used lip products.

What do you think of Tanya Burr’s collection? Have you noticed a same issue with the nail varnish smelling like mould or did I get a dud batch?!